Thursday, 25 October 2018

Crazy Carrots!

We are starting our inquiry into food and today we checked out the planter boxes at the hump. They were in need of a bit of love so we got to work weeding. In the process we found a whole lot of carrots! It was very exciting. On Monday we will have a look at them in closer detail and see what information we can find out.

Take a look!

Monday, 15 October 2018

Counting in te Reo

Yesterday we had our first te reo lesson with Fiona. Most of the time she teaches the big kids in Ruma Iwa. She loves te reo and is REALLY good at it.

We started by trying to remember our numbers in reo up to 10. It was tricky when we couldn't do it in order! We played paper scissors rock but at the end we made a number with our fingers. We added our two hands together and said the answer in reo.

Then we had to draw the right amount of pictures in each box, but Fiona tricked us! The numbers weren't in order. That meant we really had to think about what we had just learnt.

Thanks for coming, Fiona!

Wednesday, 5 September 2018

Mask making

We have been busy making masks for our production....

First we looked at the materials we had available to use:

Next we planned a draft of what we thought they might look like and what we might use:

Finally, we got busy making...

You will have to come to our production to see how fabulous they look!

Wednesday, 15 August 2018

The Ninjas!

Today we made ninjas!

Here's what you need:
-Glue stick
-Coloured paper
-Pipe cleaners
-Toilet paper rolls or paper towel rolls
-Sharpie or Vivid

1)  Wrap your coloured around your toilet paper roll. Make sure the paper is the right size for the cardboard tube.

2) Glue your paper down so it sticks.

3) Cut a piece of white paper and glue it on the front of your ninja. This is where your eyes and eyebrows go.

4) Draw on your eyes and eyebrows using a Sharpie or Vivid.

5) Tie a pipe cleaner around your ninjas waist. Cut off a long end and tuck it into your belt as your sword.

Thank you for reading our instructions.

Monday, 18 June 2018

Bring a toy day!

Recently Ruma Rua have been striving to earn some whole class rewards… and today we did! 
One of our goals was to have a Discovery SPACE session without needing reminders to keep using our ‘inside voices’. We plucked out one of our rewards and it was ‘Bring a toy to school day’. 
So, on Tuesday the children are all allowed to bring one (please only one!) toy from home to use during Discovery SPACE. We will keep them inside the classroom and safe for the rest of the day.
It was a very exciting moment – here’s hoping to earn more of our whole class rewards!

Have a look at some of the photos from today.

Wednesday, 6 June 2018

Japanese lanterns

At CDPS we are s lucky to have Kriss Rose come and teach us all things Japanese.

Last week we were busy making lanterns. Some of these lanterns had a sakura (blossom) design. We have hung them up with the view of our sakura tree behind - hopefully we will get a nice blossom this year.

Don't they look lovely!

Thursday, 24 May 2018

Monsters! AAARRGH!

We had a Discovery SPACE last week where a lot of adjectives ("describing words") kept being brought into discussion. We spent a long time describing how the sand felt - squishy, soft, smooth etc.

This spring boarded us into writing about monsters and thinking of all the fun ways we could describe them and use interesting adjectives.

Take a look at some of our work!

Thursday, 3 May 2018

Pasifica Week!

Wow! What a fun week we have had celebrating all things Pasifica!

Here are some of the highlights....

Patterning - symmetry - colouring and cutting.
(Look for some of our artwork in the office!)

Willie came into school on Tuesday and Thursday afternoon to teach the school how to do a sasa. It was amazing! We were so lucky to have someone willing to share that knowledge. 

Our poem this week is based on a song Savalivali - have a look at the video, maybe you could sing this together at home.

In assembly on Friday we sang a song to the school with our big buddy class. It's a lovely tune, another one you could have a go singing together at home!

It's been a fantastic start back at school and a lovely way to kick off term 2.

Monday, 12 March 2018

Shape Monsters!

As part of our maths focus on 2D shapes this term, we created some scary looking shape monsters! The children chose which shapes they would like to use and carefully positioned them to make these freaky looking creatures....

After assembling our monsters we carefully identified how many of each shape we used as well as how many shapes there were altogether. Sometimes it was tricky to add that many numbers together, so we drew small representations of our different shapes on our equation sheet e.g. if we used 6 triangles, we would draw 6 smaller triangles underneath the equation.

Take a look at our photos or come and check them out displayed next to our numeracy table!